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Welcome to TEAAM Consulting Ltd!: (Therapy, Education and Autism Management)

TEAAM Consulting Ltd, (Therapy, Education and Autism Management), is an incorporated company dedicated to providing tailored specialized services, training and support to children, youth and adults with special needs, their families, schools and other specialist services that work with individuals with special needs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and across the Province of Alberta.  We specialize in supporting individuals with autism, learning difficulties and behavior.

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Pieces of the Puzzle: TEAAM can help!    

Managing a diagnosis or parenting a child with special needs can be stressful.  It can feel like you are working with a big jigsaw puzzle, but have no reference on where to begin.  It can be hard to see the picture if you don`t know what piece of the puzzle goes where!  TEAAM Consulting Ltd , (Therapy, Education and Autism Management), can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together!  We can provide you with the correct pieces of the the puzzle; support, education, training and skills, so that in time you will be able to see the whole picture and are prepared to meet the demands of this reality head on.

TEAAM Consulting Ltd is a resource for individuals with special needs, their families, schools and other service providers.  We work with individuals with a variety of special needs including those with autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties and behaviour.  We offer a range of services to individuals, families, schools and other service providers.  Our services work to support these partners in developing a better quality of life.

TEAAM Executive Director: Chris Kish MEd. (Autism), BEd., BPE.

Chris Kish founded TEAAM Consulting Ltd following many years working within classrooms at home and abroad, within residential settings, home, communities and hospital settings.  From 2003 to 2010, Chris oversaw development of specialist  educational provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in the UK.  As Director of Autism he oversaw the development of educational provision for 60 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder within educational, residential, home and community settings.  Chris has his MEd. in Autism from Birmingham University in the UK and has two degrees from the Univeristy of Alberta (BEd, BPE).  Chris has been working as a behavior and developmental consultant within Alberta classrooms since 2010 with TEAAM Consulting Ltd. and has been working with children with severe complex needs for 16 years.  First and foremost a teacher, Chris provides a perspective on complex students from a teaching, learning and development perspective.  Chris brings staff understanding along so that behavior is viewed as a symptom, not the problem.  Skill building within key developmental areas are how to build strong learners that are successful and more intentiional within their learning and participation within the classroom and wider community.  Chris also works as a member of CASA (Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health) on their SAS-E team within Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Please see Chris's Resume here!

TEAAM is proud to work across the Province of Alberta!

We are proud to work with families across the Province of Alberta.  TEAAM has built relationships with families and staff in the following service regions; FSCD Region 7, FSCD Region 6, FSCD Region 4, Complex Needs Region 7.  Additionally, we are proud to work with the following partners in education who are setting the direction for education across the province; Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, Northern Lights School Division, Lakeland Catholic School Division, St. Paul Education Regional Division #1, Battle River School Division, Greentree Elementary School (Drumheller), Blessed Sacrament School (Wainwright) the Learning Network and with the Central Alberta Regional Consortium.

TEAAM Consulting Ltd is also proud to work with the Alberta Association for Community Living.

Whole Person, Whole Family, Whole Community!